Roles and Duties of the PCO


The Precinct Committee Officer is the representative of the Republican Party at the grassroots level. 

At a minimum, a PCO accepts certain responsibilities, including:

  • Distribute candidate information to neighbors       
  • Engage in Get Out the Vote (GOTV) activities in preparation of Election Day
  • Maintain and update the list of registered voters in your precinct (using the GOP Data Center)
  • Select officers of the county’s Central Committee    
  • Nominate precinct election officials       
  • Conduct a Precinct Caucus


A strong and effective party looks to its PCOs to perform at least the above tasks.  These duties may take a minimum of only ten hours per year, but accomplishing additional tasks will make all our efforts even more effective. 


This link to the WSRP PCO Manual will describe the “nuts and bolts” of how to create a successful precinct organization.


There are things you can do every month of the year, and each task takes very little time.  A few hours a month is all it takes to create a strong precinct.  These few hours will allow you to build a rapport with your neighbors such that they will come to you for advice on political issues and candidates, whether they are preparing to vote or writing to their representatives in government or to the local newspaper.


There are a number of things a good PCO will do:

  • Represent the precinct voters to the Republican Party; and represent the party and its candidates and officers to the precinct voter
  • Attend County Party meetings, help formulate policy, and recruit party candidates and volunteers      
  • Help register voters, update the voter list, urge voters to turnout, pass out absentee ballots to those who need them, and stress the importance of each vote
  • Support all Republican candidates after the Primary Election
  • Attend meetings of your county or legislative district and stay informed of issues in your area
  • Assist with fundraising events when possible
  • Volunteer to help on various campaigns      
  • Doorbell and/or telephone your precinct before each election with literature on candidates and issues


Are you unable to doorbell but you don't mind making phone calls?  If so, maybe you can help another precinct make calls and we'll have other precincts help with doorbelling in your precinct.  We just want to make sure every precinct in Mason County if covered to be successful!