"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people.  They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty."  Thomas Jefferson

For the first time in forever, we have two Republican state legislators here in Mason County to start reversing 30 years of failed Democrat policy in Olympia.

Friends, we are right on the cusp.  Even though we made a significant impact in 2014 and took control of the U.S. and Washington State Senates, along with increasing our numbers in Congress, we still have more work to do.  That's bad news for Democrats because we still have plenty of fight left, and we are energized as a party to take back this Republic!

As your new Mason County Republican Chairman, I can tell you that the Executive Board and myself are working hard, not just to maintain our recent wins, but to build on them.  To be blunt, they will have to take them back from our cold, dead hands. 

It's my duty to make sure that no stone goes unturned and that we have a bright, active and vibrant party that is built with the future in mind, but also with a foot in the past to remember where we came from.  My best effort as your chair is what you deserve and I will do my best to deliver it every single day.

Our Republican Resurgence is stronger than ever!  I reach out to all Republicans in Mason County to get involved, to join the Central Committee, and to attend our meetings.  Once there, tell us how you can help us take back both Washington's.  Help us meet our fundraising goals to defend our newly elected Republicans and elect more bright and talented conservatives.  More importantly, whether you are a newcomer, or a salty Republican veteran, we want your ideas, your talents, and your passion!

Together we can do great things!  I'm  looking forward to a fantastic two-year term!

Yours in Liberty,

Travis Couture


Dear Republicans,

It's true, we live in some difficult

but exciting times.  In the last

election the Mason County Republican Party made some significant leaps forward - electing a new Republican legislator to the State House and re-electing another. 



September 17 at the new Transit-Community Center in Shelton.  Watch for more information in the coming months!