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September 17

Shelton, Washington

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I hope this message finds you enjoying the

summer in this beautiful state!  Also, I'd like to

extend congratulations from the board and

myself for all those who recently graduated or

will be graduating this summer!  For many the shift from childhood to adulthood is somewhat “present” when that diploma hits your hands after years upon years of learning and hard work.

For many of us those days are far different today than they were when we graduated high school many moons ago.  Some students have struggled to find jobs to cut their teeth in the workforce, some may be struggling to find funds to go to college, which could ultimately lead them to high tuition and years of extra debt, and some may be moving on without some of the necessary skills it takes to make it in today's world.  In our county and in our state this problem is prevalent.

The good news is that slowly but surely Republicans have been inching their way towards a majority in this state.  We have seen Republicans do very well in crafting budgets and saying NO to new taxes this year.  Republicans have crafted a budget that fully funds education, raises pay of state employees, is balanced, and does not raise one dime in taxes - just as the public asked.  Democrats are holding us up in special session to get two tax increases that they don't even need—a capital gains income tax and a cap-and-trade tax, both would be devastating for Washingtonians.

Our county is facing rough times, with the closing of Olympic Panel and the Simpson Mill in Shelton, with a looming sewer and budget crisis, and with high crime and low employment.  These are symptoms of 30 years of neglect and abuse from big government Democrat policies and poor decision making from our County Commissioners, past and present.  However, our elected Republicans are working overtime to reverse these negatives and lead us back to prosperity.

We can't stop here. Its going to take more hard work and effort to build upon our lead here in Mason County and the 35th District.

Its been an interesting last few months on the road to the White House.  The top tier of Republican candidates is becoming clear and I'm sure that around the county people are strategizing for the 2016 caucuses.  We plan on holding the most fair and equitable county caucuses to save ourselves from the embarrassments that have gone on with other parties in the past.

I've always said that you can't build a house starting with the roof, you have to build the foundation and the framing first.  What this simply means is that, although most people focus in on the sexier presidential races, we must not forget that our most impactful and important races are our local and state races.  Don't forget to put your passion into the things that most impact our political lives on a daily basis.  Get to know your legislator, school board members, or any other elected official or candidates.  Most times it's really simple to help them out.

Some say their voice isn't heard in politics because they don't have the mega dollars to be heard.  I'd like to refute that.  What I've found in the years that I've been involved in politics is that, because I participated in the process, my voice was heard much more than it would have been in my absence.

2016 will be here before you know it, and we will have many important races besides the one for the White House.  It's my hope that we, as a party here in Mason County, all jump in to see success and make it one to remember!

Our successful Reagan Legacy Dinner  makes a return on September 17th.  Our next business meeting will be on Friday, September 4 at the PUD Building on Johns Prairie.  

Have a safe and fun summer!
Travis Couture, Chair



"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people.  They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty."  Thomas Jefferson